If you have ticks in your house, you may need to call a pest control to treat indoor areas if you have a heavy infestation. Thouroghly vacuum around skirtings and places where the dog lays. Using surface spray indoors at the same time as treating your dog can also be effective. Keep the dog out of the house or isolate its movements inside to a tiled or concrete area such as the laundry which will be easier to treat than your best lounge or bed. These areas can be wiped or mopped with the insecticidal wash or sprayed with surface spray to kill ticks. Try to keep the dog outside during the treatment until you have completely irradicated the ticks.

Sounds like hard work *#@% ??

Thats where I can help. With a Soggidog regular fortnightly booking, I will treat your dog and use the left over water from your dogs bath to treat your yard and dogs bedding. The fact that your dog is kept clean, smells great, and loose hair removed, are all an added bonus to the tick treatment! Best of all the chemicals used in a Soggidog wash are natural Pyrethrin and completely safe for humans so there is no need to worry about children patting your dog after a wash. Pyrethrin is very effective and no resistance has built up even after its many years of use.


Its a good idea to regularly bath a tick free dog with an insecticidal wash to prevent any recurrences of infestation. Ticks can easily be picked up on walks or crawl through the fence from a neighbours yard. One female can lay 4000 eggs. You may not find her before she does this.

The best advise I can give is to know your enemy. There is a useful site published by the Northern Territory Government with heaps of information about ticks, their breeding cycle etc.

Good luck!!!
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Unfortunately, we share this beautiful part of the country with the Brown Dog Tick as many of you are probably more than aware. Some people think that living with ticks is just part of living in the Pilbara but nothing could be further from the truth. You DO NOT have to put up with them! If you follow simple directions they are quite simple to irradicate. I have worked with these horrible little bugs for many years and have cured countless tick problems, and this is the most effective way I have found to succeed at being tick free for good.
STEP 1: Treat your dog AND the environment thoroughly at least fortnightly for about 1- 3 months. (Depending on severity of infestation)
Thats it. Its no secret. But.....easier said than done perhaps??.
must do this regularly and do not miss a treatment otherwise more eggs will be laid and the cycle will continue. A single treatment of any sort may reduce tick numbers in the short term, but will never get rid of ticks completely.
Treating the environment???
The dogs environment includes anywhere the dog likes to lay. Ticks like shaded areas. You may need to treat; the dogs bedding, under the bedding, favorite cool sandy holes that the dog lays in (you will need to find all the holes - check your entire yard), favorite non-sandy areas where the dog lays (yes ticks will definitely breed on concrete and pavers - I have seen them!).
These areas may include your back door mat or under your outdoor table or in your shed. Anywhere where there is constant moisture such as drips from an airconditioner, or presence of a drain are also tick favorites. Dont be fooled into thinking ticks only live in the dirt it is simply not true.
Treating these areas is equally important as treating your dog, and you will not irradicate these pests from your yard by treating your dog only. You may have to spy on your dog for a couple of days to see exactly where he is hanging out at different times of the day, so you know where to concentrate the treatment.
When the above steps are followed, in my 9 years washing dogs in the Pilbara, I have not come across a tick problem that has beaten me yet.
If you choose to use a different product or method to bring your tick problem under control, just remember that the same rules apply. Treat the dog and its environment. In my opinion, if you treat only one of these, or treat sporadically, you willl be wasting your time and your money. Decide if you want to get rid of your ticks completely or if you are happy just to reduce numbers for a while. Without treating the yard, tick numbers may decline for a period of time if you treat the dog alone, but ....they'll be back! Ticks can survive in an untreated environment for up to19 months - even with NO DOG to feed from!!
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