Soggidog has been minding Pilbara pets for over five years and is a reliable, professional service that you can trust to take care of your furry family members that are unable to travel with you on holidays. If you are an animal lover like me, you may have a managerie of dogs, cats, birds and fish, all of which can be taken care of during a visit.
I am happy to administer medication or tend to any special needs your pets may have while you are away and will call you if I am in any way concerned about their health or wellbeing. If necessary I will take animals to the vet or take them home with me if they need close watching.
Leaving your pets while you are away, as I know, can be a real stress, not only for you, but for your pets aswell. As an alternative to boarding kennels, daily pet minding visits can suit many animals that either don't transport well, or don't cope well in unfamiliar ground. The advantages include a relaxed experience for your pets as they are in a familiar environment while you are away. Having your dog at home may also provide better security while you are away if your dog is a good guard dog or deterrent. You will also have peace of mind knowing that there is someone visiting your house daily, checking security and noticing anything out of place around the house.
Other home services
Many things, besides pet care can be taken care of during a Soggidog visit. Plants can be watered, mail brought in, rubbish bin taken in and out, swimming pools chlorinated, skimmer boxes emptied. Basically anything that needs doing on a day to day basis. As I am mobile on the road in Karratha with my mobile dog wash on work days, I am always available to call in to your home at a moments notice should circumstances arise, to check on your pets or house.
Daily visits
Daily visits are made at a similar time each day, usually mid-late afternoon. The time and date of each visit is recorded on a Pet Minding record card along with any comments or observations. Most importantly all animals are fed and their water checked and changed. Gifts left in litter trays by cats are removed daily and the tray changed when needed. Doggy poop can be scooped from small yards if necessary. Of equal importance, special attention and time is spent letting your pets know they are still loved in your absence. Whether it be a walk, playing fetch, tug-o-war, a tummy rub, supplying a face to lick, being a human rubbing post or just a good cuddle and pat, (or in the case of some cats just being left well alone!) I will find the thing that rocks their world! I really dont feel like I have done a days work unless I come home covered in dog slobber, muddy paw prints and hair!
If you are away for more than a couple of days I will text you to let you know how your pets are going. You are ALWAYS welcome to call or text me to see how they are at anytime. (I have even held my phone up to dogs ears so you can have a chat to them too!)
Returning Home
When you return home, you will find a pet minding record card which shows the date and time of each visit to your house. Comments are made of any observations, problems or unusual behavior or eating habits. Please call/text me upon your safe arrival home. Until I have confirmation of your return, I will continue to care for your pet regardless of booking dates, until I know that you are home safely. I will always ensure continuation of their care.
...Thank you for looking after Max and Bella so well this weekend. It was great to see them so happy to see you and they smell fantastic after their baths. Paula
Previsit (before you go)
Previsits are available on request at no extra cost. They are a great way for introductions to be made and instructions to be given. Its a perfect way to prepare nervous or timid pets with a treat or two and maybe try for a smootch and cuddle while Mum and/or Dad are there to reassure.
So how does it work?.....
Not all animals are suited to home care, so please ensure your yard is secure. If you are worried that your dog may fret and dig or jump out of your yard then Karratha Boarding Kennels are recommended for your dogs safety and your peace of mind.
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Leave feedback about your Soggidog Service
.......Heidi is such a big part of our lives and we hate going on holiday without her, your service gives me peace of mind that she is safe and happy at home! I love that you send a text message to let us know everything is ok and that you leave the appointment card for us to see when you came by and if there were any problems. Your service is fantastic, we know that you're reliable which is important - I would absolutely recommend it!
Honestly you run a fantastic business - we wouldn't have had the fabulous holiday without you.
....Libby has provided a great service to us for the last 18 months, keeping my 2 dogs Buster and Lola sweet smelling and free of bugs. She also gave us peace of mind with a reliable dog and cat minding service on our weekends away. Thankyou Libby.
Karratha Soggidog offers a boarding service for small caged animals such as birds, rabbits, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs and reptiles.
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Angus is VERY headstrong on a lead - so a trip to the back beach for a run is better fun for everyone!
Please ensure ALL pets have:
Ample Food - Meat, cans, biscuits, pellets, seed, or fruit.
Something to chew - bones /hide are often a great way to keep dogs busy during the day
Balls or toys for games and play
Tools for carrying out specific tasks eg shovel and plastic bags for pooper scooping
If litter trays are to be used please ensure you leave in clear veiw:
Ample fresh litter if you anticipate a change will be needed - (COLES brand scented clumping litter is recommended for its hygine and economy.. #1's and #2's are both easily removed!) :)
Small plastic bags such as freezer bags or nappy sacks for daily removal
Lg plastic bags
Tray liners are preferred
Litter scoop
Leaving a radio on may be comforting for your pets while you are away
Dust pan and brush
Floor cloth
Disinfectant, cloths, mops and buckets if there is chance of a mess to clean
A spoon or knife
A cyclone plan (December - April)
Cup or scoop measure for food
A large sturdy water supply - having multiple is a good idea incase one gets knocked over.
Fly spray or surface spray if you are prone to invasions around pet food
Lead and collar
Watering can
Chlorine and measure
Leave your pets any comforters they may have such as a favorite toy or blanket
Please ensure you have a CYLONE PLAN if leaving your pets from Dec - April. I am happy to do extra visits at no extra cost in the case of a cyclone, but I am unable to take animals to my home unless they are sick.
Freeze fish food servings with water into iceblock trays if you are worried about over/under feeding.
You may also need to provide and leave in clear veiw:
For Litter changes:
Other tips
Other bits n pieces
Patch loves his fortnightly wash visits from Libby. Libby makes him clean and smells great. Patch has been washed by Libby for 6 years, he has never had a tick or flea on him. Libby has pet minded Patch and done a wonderful job. We recieved regular text updates on how he was doing. We will be using this service again. I cant recommend Soggidog enough to people, it is just a great service for your pets. Keep up the great work Libby, you do an amazing job. Melissa

We were so glad to meet someone during the previsit who so obviously loves what they do and adores animals. My cat took to you straight away. It was so comforting to know that when we were away we had a trustworthy, reliable person whom our pet loved, to come in and feed and care for our cat. I was very impressed to recieve feedback texts to my phone while we were away, updating me on how Beauty was going - as well as my plants! And I was so relieved when, after leaving the house without turning on the aircons for my cat in the Karratha heat, I was able to get hold of you, let you know and without any hassels have you drop by and turn them on for me, all without any extra charge!
Libby, my husband and I could not have been happier with the service. I will definitely be recommending you to our friends and are keen to use you again whenever we leave town. Congratulations on such a fantastic business!
Irene, Rob and Beauty
To start off , Libby, what a fantastic website you have! It is so easy to use from start to finish. It's helpful and informative and tells you everything you need to know in just a few easy steps. When we organised pet minding for our cat, Beauty, while we were away in QLD for 2 weeks we did it completley via the website and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I recieved a confirmation email and date for a previsit to meet up with Beauty. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the online form and it's easy is that?!
Midday visits are also available for toilet breaks, lunchtime puppy feeds or medication.
Places ARE LIMITED, so book early to secure Pet Minding for your pets - especially for Chrismas, Easter and School Holidays!!
..Thanks Libby, you have been my cat hero – I can’t thank you enough. Always felt good when I knew you were looking after them J.
Happy to chill - $20
Weekly package: Book for 6 days and the 7th is free!!
Perfect for relaxed pets, pets that have company, those who are used to being by themselves, or just don't mind their own company. Many cats like to be left to their own devices and older or less energetic dogs may be happy with a cuddle and belly rub to see them through.
Standard visit - $25
These visits include a short walk (approx 10min) for dogs as a standard after the houskeeping is done. Alternatively, equivilent time of ball throw/play time/cuddle time if the weather is unreasonable or if walking is not required.
Wear me out! - $35
The name says it all - a good 25-30 min walk (if thats not too long for your dog!) Can be off lead if requested. In the summer these visits need to be early in the morning to avoid the heat!
All visits include feeding, watering, cleaning litter trays, watering plants, mail, bin, pool maintenence, checking safety and health of pets, and a cuddle/scratch/belly-rub/face lick, or all of the above as required!
Any combination of visits can be selected for your time away.
Mix-n-match any combination of visits for your pets while you are away. You are the one who know them best!!
Twice daily visits
AM and PM visits including a short walk and play time - $40 per day
12hrly AM and PM vists (this is required where dogs are to be locked indoors wtih no way out to toilet) please add $10 per day
AM and PM visits with a long 25-30 min walk - $50 per day