Not only is having your dog washed by Soggidog a convenient and affordable way to keep your dog clean, you can also be certain that with regular bathing you are also doing one of the best things that you can as a dog owner to ensure the health and wellbeing of your dog. Regular hydrobathing removes a build of of oils, hair and allergins leaving the coat fresh and shiny. Best of all - no more doggy smells in the house!
So how does it work?
Setting up - Firsly upon arrival to your house, the hyrobath is unloaded from its little trailer and wheeled into position which is preferably flat, shady and near a hose and power source. The power cord is 20m long and no special connections are needed for the hose. After the hydrobath is filled with fresh water, plugged in, the shampoo solution is prepared and its time for the dog!

Washing the dog - Many dogs love their bath and jump straight in, others need some encouragement (usually in the form of a shmackos or two!). Once the dog is securely in the bath its time for the pampering to begin! The hydrobath works by pumping a specially formulated solution though shower like nozzel at high pressure. The pressure penetrates to clean your dogs skin as well as the coat. Some dogs can be nervous at first, but it usually doesn't take them long to sit back and enjoy the massage. Ears and eyes are checked and wiped if necessary.

Drying - After the dog is thoroughly cleaned, it receives a chamois dry, unless active ticks are found on your dog. Leaving the dog to dry naturally in this case, will help to maximise the residual effect of the pyrethrin. Even if your dog has no ticks it is recommended not to towell dry afterwards if you wish to prolong the residual effect of the insecticide in the rinse.
Finally your dog will receive a spray with your choice of two delicious scents of Palour Cologne. These fragrances are optional, but are very popular due to their long lasting effect.

Packing Away - The bath is then cleaned out, unplugged and loaded back onto the trailer, the whole process takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the size of the dog and condition and thickness of the coat.
The Shampoo
The main shampoo used in a Soggidog wash is a professional quality product specially designed for use in the hydrobath. It combines shampoo, conditioner and a natural insecticide pyrethrin, which is effective in controlling fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Pyrethrin is a naturally occurring chemical and is ineffective on humans so it is 100% safe for children or people touching or patting the dog afterwards.
If your dog has sensitive skin or skin problems I also have
Malaseb, or Aloveen shampoos, which are often recommended by veterinarians for treating dermatitis and other skin irritations. You are also welcome to use your own shampoo in the hydrobath.
$8 - $10 discount for the second and additional dogs at the same address
Very small dogs
(eg Chihauhau)
Small - Medium dogs
(eg Staffy's, Cocker Spaniel, some short coat Heelers, Pitbull)
Medium - Large dogs or Thick coat
(eg Retriever, Labs, some Shepherds/Heelers, Mastiff, Ridgeback,)
Large/ Very thick coat dogs
(eg Samoyed, Huskie, Malamute, some Shepherds and Mastiffs)
*Please note that these prices are a guide and may vary slightly according to condition/ time required etc.
$15 call out fee (per dog) applies for failure to cancel an appointment. Please let me know before I unload and set up my bath at your house, if I am unable to wash your dog.
Soggidog always offers Pensioners a discount of 20%
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