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RFA-67 $15, RFA-18 $10, RFA-188 $21
Never leave home without it. We keep one at the front door near our Active Walker & one in the car. It's a fact - you can nearly always find water but not always the container. It folds up into its own pouch & is compact & extremely lightweight. This is a must have!

Supplier of:
Top quality, long-lasting fully washable, raised beds, cushions, mats and replacement covers
Soggidog also stocks a range of hard to find pet accessories giving people of the Pilbara easy access to products that would be otherwise unavailable locally such as V-brace leads and replacement batteries for bark control/bounday collars.
V-Brace lead makes walking two dogs so much easier! Fewer tangles means walk time is more enjoyable for everyone involved!! The V-brace is black in the picture, the lead joins to a swivel so if dogs cross over there are no twists.
Available in widths of 20mm ($15), and 10mm ($8). Comes in blue, black and red.
Snooza Active Walker lets you run or walk handsfree, enabling you to maintain your natural exercising rhythm. The belt has velcro fastening for quick release and snug fit, and the lead will adjust from 0.8 metres to over 1.5 meters. Great for pram pushing too! Additional leads available.
Quick release - The Active Walker can be qickly released, simply grab the red handle and pull. The belt comes away easily and you will still maintain contral of your dog.
Price: $32 includes belt and one lead, Additional leads available $15
Replacement batteries for popular bark control and boundary collars.
$25 - Large size available only
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..offers the best in comfort, style and durability. The Neo collar is made from soft neoprene (as used in wetsuits) and reinforced witth nylon webbing for stringth. Neoprene is non-porous - it drastically reduces the odour that traditional collars retain. The choice of materials, including the Stainless Steel D-ring, makes the EzyDog Neo Collar completely waterproof, non-rusting and easy to clean. It features a a hook and loop adjustment, quick release buckle, separate ID attachment and reflective piping for night time safety. A safe choice your dog is guaranteed to like.
Available in CLASSIC (25mm standard width) and WIDE - (45mm)
CLASSIC width: XS (31-34cm) $28, S (35-39cm) $31, M (40-45cm) $34, L (47-53cm) $35, XL( 54-61cm) $38
WIDE version: L (47-53cm) $40, XL (54-61cm) $42, 2XL (63-71cm) $49, 3XL (73-83cm) $50
Karratha Soggidog is an authorise dealer of EzyDog products. This reputable brand has an amazing durability, I love their quality and the strength of all their products which is why I chose to share them with the pets of the Pilbara. Soggidog has the largest range of colours and sizes in the North West.
The Double-Up Collar offers superior strength and flexibilty. Built with security in mind, it features stainless steel Double D-Rings. These D-Rings bear the pull and force from your dog, taking the pressure away from the easy access buckle. Made from the highest quality materials, it is non-rusting, easy to clean and features Soft Touch Nylon Webbing for comfort. Reflective stitching is incorporated for night time safety. An ID attachment is included for your dog's tags. Ezydog has doubled up on strength- so you can triple the fun!
S (28-35cm) $23, M (32-47cm) $29, L (44-65cm), $33, XL (51-80cm) $36
The Checkmate collar is a Martingale style correction collar that does not require re-sizing for each fitting. It provides more control over your dog without that choking effect of a slip collar. These style of collars are extensively used in training and also helps keep your dog's head from slipping out of the collar during walks or when the dog gets too excited. A Martinglale collar is made with two loops. The larger loop is slipped onto the dogs neck and a leash is then clipped to the smaller loop. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut, which makes the larger loop smaller and tighter on the neck, thus helping to prevent escape. When the collar is properly fitted, it will be comfortably loose without your dog noticing it much until the dog begins to pull.
• Reflective stitching
• Durable Nylon
• Ultimate control and handling
• Comfortable
• Humane and safe with proper use
• Does not require resizing for each fitting
S (26-34cm) $21, M (34-45cm) $27, L (44-65cm), $30, XL (56-83cm) $35
The Cujo 25 leash is built with 15cm of Shock Absorbing Stretch. The tight, short stretch gives you the most comfort and control over the Medium to Large dogs that pull hard! The Cujo 40 is built with 30cm of Shock Absorbing Stretch. Slightly less tight and longer stretch gives you the most comfort and control over the hard pulling small dog or the medium and large dogs that do not pull as much.
If you are tired of having to buy a new dog leash every couple of months, rest assured you'll have no such problems with the Cujo Leashes. Using high quality ski rope and a heavy duty snap, which is both tough and durable, the Cujo Leashes have all been engineered to last.
25" Length =$43, 40" Length=$45
The Zero Shock Leash has been designed using our Zero Shock Technology, a shock absorbing component that drastically reduces strain and pull on the dog and the owner. Utilising the EzyDog Soft Touch Webbing and a generously sized neoprene handle, this leash really is a pleasure to hold in your hand and is perfect for walking and jogging with your dog. The Zero Shock Technology adds protection from sudden moves made by you or your dog, a need still in demand well beyond training stage. Make your walks more enhoyable and comfortable, your dog will love it too
25" Length =$43, 48" Length=$54
The ergonomic and super comfortable fit of the Chest Plate Harness distributes the load evenly across the dog's chest rather than the throat, to make walks enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.
With an EVA chest support that moulds to the shape of your dog, every harness becomes a custom fit - there really isn't a more supportive and comfortable dog harness on the market! Thanks to the easy-to-adjust straps, the harness does not rub uncomfortably anywhere on the dog. The icon shape of the chest plate itself has been meticulously designed and tested to fit every dog type, so whatever your breed - the Chest Plate Harness is the perfect choice
The distribution of load across the chest ensures that the Chest Plate is a great harness for dog training. If your dog pulls on the leash or you just want more control over your dog, this is the harness for you!
The one-click snap clips means that the harness can be put on quickly and with minimal hassle. The easy-to-adjust straps ensures that a snug, secure fit can be achieved whatever the dog size
XS=$40, S=$43, M=$48, L=$52, XL=$54, 2XL=$58
With the EzyDog DFD (Dog Floatation Device) you can take your dog on endless adventures on the water. Whether fishing or camping or just playing on the beach, the DFD will keep your dog safe!
Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available, EzyDog has set the benchmark for canine flotation.
The unique ultra-boyancy foam is strategically positioned to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times.
The DFD is quick and easy to put on and enhances your dog's natural movement in the water. Other great features include the ergonomic grab handle and super strong D-ring, allowing you to easily transport and secure your dog when required.
MIcro 2XS=$53, Micro XS=$56, XS=$60, S=$67, M=$78, L=$84, XL=$87
Standard DFD:
Micro DFD:
The Orbiloc Safety Light is the professional dog light. It has been tested to military standards so is robust and strong enough to take anything your dog can throw at it!
The Orbiloc lights are visible up to a distance of 5km, so even if your dogs are far away, they can still be seen.
These high quality dog lights can withstand 100 kilo loads, are completely waterproof and have over 100 hours of battery time. We are so sure of thieir strength and quality that they come with a 3 year extended warranty.
The lights come with a velcro strap to attach anywhere to your dog lead, harness or collar. Turning the light on and off is easy, simply rotate the top to turn on and off.
$31 each
Come and check out Soggidog's stall at Dampier Beachside Markets Sunday 13th Sept 2015 SNOOZA dog beds and great qulity EZYDOG accessories galore!